Nick de Wit

Instagram: Nickdewit

Facebook: NickdeWit

Twitter: NickdeWit

Nickname:  Sick Nick

DOB: 22-08-81

Sport: FMX

When did you start riding? MX since 1996 and FMX since 2002

Who influenced you (coached, mentored, who did you imitate and idolize?)

I always looked up to riders better than me and had a lot of people help me along the way. But Travis Pastrana and Jeremy McGrath were my idols.

If you weren’t a professional sportsman you’d be :

Probably an engineer or something like that. I’m a hands on person and like making things happen.

Other hobbies/sports: MTB Riding

Marital status: Married

Hometown: Muldersdrift South Africa

Favorite spot: (if you’re a surfer/skater/bike rider etc and this applies): Free riding in the Transkei and riding in the sand dunes


Website/Facebook page/Twitter (if any)

Nick De Wit on facebook and @nickdewit on twitter and instagram


Biggest achievements (to date):

4th In WC and 4 X-games Dubai, Participated in the Nitro circus tour in SA Participated in Red Bull X-Fighters. Stunt double in Expendables3


Other sportsmen/women you admire/look up to:

Anyone that is at the top of their game. I know how hard it is to get up there and stay there.


Favorite move/trick (if applicable):

Tsunami, Back flip, Rock solid

Favorite holiday destination: The Bushveld


Five things you never travel without:

Iphone ,Laptop, passport, money and a good movie


Cheesy quote that you think is pretty cool:

You can’t say you don’t like it until you have tried it. 


Favorite food: A good steak