Name: Jimmy Hill

Nickname: Hillsack 

DOB: 8-30-1990

Sport: Freestyle Motocross (FMX) / Flattrack 


When and how did you start riding FMX? 

After watching a Crusty Demons video I started trying one handers and no footers on my Z 50 when I was 7 years old. By the time I was 13 my older cousin Tim Hill started taking me freeriding on my CR 250 and showing me the ropes and how to do seat grabs and rode natural terrain. 

Who influenced you? 

My Grandpa Joe, Dad and my cousin Tim were all a huge influence. Freestyle wise it was definitely Drake Mcelroy and Twitch. 

Other hobbies / sports? 

I love skateboarding, my parents made me take piano lessons as a kid so I’ll bust out some music here and there for fun, and I love editing videos or snapping photos. 


Marital Status: single


Hometown: Caliente , California


Favorite spot to ride? 

Planet Earth. There were some cool spots in SA like maraisburg and over here in the states my favorite spot to ride is at our ranch in Southern California or in the Bako hills. 

 Instagram – Hillsack 

 Biggest achievements to date?

Riding for the metal mulisha for 4 years. 

Other Riders I admire: 

– Josh Hill

-Tyler Bereman 

– Taka Higashino

– Kris Foster

Favorite trick: 

 – mini flip


Favorite Holiday Destination 

– Japan!


Five things I never travel without: 

– my pet dinosaur 

– go pro

– a knife

– my grandpas lucky coin

– toppers biscuits

Cheesy Quote: 

– Keep liking what you’re doing, and loving what you’re getting!

Favorite Food: 

– Chicken and Guns in Portland, OR



 See See motorcycles


Von zipper

chicken and guns

 roland sands designs

bell helmets

Team 2 Sick

Jungle Rush