Name: Jed Nery

 Nickname: Jed Eye

 DOB: 23rd October 1992

 When and how did you start with your MC career ? 

 – I started Riding Freestyle Motocross when I was about 16 years old which introduced me to every rider in the South African Freestyle Motocross scene. Over the years I landed up in the music industry performing all over the country. Thanks to my good friends in the Freestyle Motocross scene, they gave me the opportunity to MC every Freestyle Motocross show they could involve me in throughout the duration of 3 years up until this point. I know how to keep the show going by adding my part by being the voice of the show. I love being involved and to atleast still be involved with a sport I have so much passion and love for.

 Who influenced you? 

 – Dallan Goldman most definitely inspired me to MC Freestyle Motocross. He believes in me and hands me any and every opportunity where ever he can. If I could still be riding Freestyle Motocross best believe I still would be, but here I am Mc’ing the show and I’m happy as ever to be a part of such an incredible journey.

 Other hobbies / sports? 

– I really enjoy playing golf to ease my mind but other than that I wouldn’t be happier to be able to get back on the bike to hit a gap and to introduce that feeling back into my life once again.

 Marital Status:


 Hometown: Fourways , Johannesburg. 

 Instagram – @JEDNERY

Facebook – Jed Nery & Jed Beatbox


Biggest achievements to date?

 – Winning the South African Beatbox Championships

– Opening up for Lil Jon from the USA

– The first Beatboxer in African history to perform at the Music Awards

– Performing at South Africa’s biggest hip hop festivals for over 25’000 people.

 Other Riders I admire: 

 – Jimmy Hill

– Travis Pastrana

– Levi Sherwood

– Twitch

– Jeremy Lusk

– Nate Adams

– Robbie Maddison

 Favorite trick in FMX:

 – Back Flip Rock Solid

 Favorite Holiday Destination 

– Cape Town South Africa

Five things I never travel without: 

 – Microphone

– Loop Machine

– Head Phones

– Toothbrush

– Good Friends

 Favorite Food: 


 Sponsors: Jungle Rush South Africa, Roland Music ‘Worldwide’, RedBull South Africa.