Name: Brayden Davies 

Nickname: Muggins 

DOB: 03/02/1994

Sport: Freestyle Motocross (FMX)


When and how did you start riding FMX?

I started riding at a young age but didn’t get into freestyle until the age of 16. Just started riding some tracks and bush riding and always enjoyed building my own jumps and sending it!


Who influenced you?

Guys like twitch, adam jones and urek just all style!


Other hobbies / sports?

I love to train Muay Thai in my off time and to keep fit at the riders gym! 


Marital Status:

In a relationship 

Hometown: Perth Western Australia .


Favorite spot to ride?

The mutiny compound 


Instagram – @bdavies.fmx

Facebook – Brayden muggins Davies


Biggest achievements to date?

Taking out the SA fmx titles in 2015


Other Riders I admire:

– levi Sherwood

-create your own style!!


Favorite trick:

– mase twist


Favorite Holiday Destination

– outback Australia !


Five things I never travel without:

– tooth brush

– headphones

– phone

– wallet



Favorite Food:

Home made cooking! 


Westeffex , sam johns tattoo, sin eyewear, greef clothing, riddlers gym